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Important Notices:

Conferences and Workshops: From March 7 to 10, 2023, the University of Duisburg-Essen is going to host the German Probability and Statistics Days. The Stochastics Group of our department is significantly involved in the organisation of this big event . On March 14, 2023, there will be a one-day Diversity Workshop for all PhD studens and postdocs of the department of mathematics. This will be organized by Prof. Dr. Anita Winter and Prof. Dr. Jan Kohlhaase.

Passwords: In order to reset the password of your university user account you need to go to one of the e-points which have been set up in the libraries on the campuses in Duisburg and in Essen.

E-Mails: Users who have reset their passwords can again use the university's email system starting December 23, 2022. In a first step it is recommended to backup existing emails. In a second step it is necessary to reinstall your account in your email program. For both steps there is a detailed explanation which can be downloaded here in German and in English. This means that, step by step, our members can again be reached via their usual email addresses

Examination Office: The examination offices have issued a list of FAQ for students and teaching staff.

Software Updates: Meanwhile, the antivirus software Sophos and the systems software Windows can be updated again. Sophos can also be used and installed for the first time. Corresponding instructions can be found on the internal website of the ZIM. For a few common email programs, this site also provides instructions on how to create local backups of the mailboxes.

Telephone: The telephone system is gradually being reinstalled. To reset your phone, disconnect the cable from the device and reconnect again. A list of phone numbers can be gathered from an archived version of our old homepage.

Old Homepage: If you are in need of particular information from our old homepage (like our examination regulations), you might want to have a look at the archived version on the Wayback Machine. Note, however, that this information has no guarantee of being up-to-date.

University Library: Via an external VPN-connection the electronic ressources of our library are available again. To get access to e-books and electronic journals please visit the search engine Primo. It also provides information on how to install a VPN-connection. For more detailed information please visit the main page of our University Library.


The situation:

Dear Colleagues, dear Students, dear Partners of the Department of Mathematics,

as you know from the media and the new University's Homepage, our institution was severly hit by a cyber attack. Currently, this affects all areas of teaching, studies, research and administration which are based on our internal IT infrastructure. In particular, there is currently no internet and our old homepages cannot be reached. However, you can reach us via telephone and our email system is gradually being set up again. I deeply regret that this situation has occurred in spite of our security measures and that our response to you - as an employer, place of education and as a research partner - is currently not as prompt and reliable as usual.

Thanks to the great effort of our teaching staff, all of our on-site courses can continue as usual. A few important facts and ways to contact us are listed below. Please also have a look at the growing list of FAQs on the new official website of the university. In cooperation with our rectorate we are trying very hard to get back into operation and regain our original strength as quickly as possible. Until then I would like to ask for your patience and understanding!

Yours sincerely,
Prof. Dr. Jan Kohlhaase
Dean of the Department of Mathematics


Studies & Teaching:

Courses on-site take place as usual. The necessary information is provided by the teaching staff directly or via newly created email addresses. The moodle platform remains accessible via eduroam.

Concerning how to register for exams and your theses, please ask your teachers and take a look at the general information provided on the new University Homepage.

The student association ("Fachschaft") of our department has created a digital pinboard (in German) containing a lot of useful information. The student association can be reached via

We will try to find solutions for any kind of study problem caused by the cyber attack. In case of need, please get in touch with your teaching staff.


In person: Our staff members are present during the usual office hours.

Phone: The university's telephone system is working again. The dean's office can be reached via +49-201-183-2408. A list of phone numbers can be gathered from an archived version of our old homepage.

Via regular mail: Universität Duisburg-Essen, Fakultät für Mathematik, Thea-Leymann-Strasse 9, 45127 Essen, Germany

Via email:

The university's email system is gradually getting back into operation. Our members can again be reached via Many official email addresses can be found on an archived version of our old homepage. Alternatively, you can continue to use the provisional email addresse which have been setup by many of our members individually.

Dean's Office: (the Dean's office can provide contact data of many other members of our department)