WS 2020/21:
Lecture Riemann Surfaces: You will shortly find here a link to the moodle page with further information.
SS 2020:
Lecture Analysis HRSGe (joint with Prof. Greb)
Exercises on Complex Geometry II
Master seminar on Complex Geometry
Global exercise session for Linear Algebra II
WS 2019/20:
Exercises on Complex Geometry I
Lecture Mathematische Miniaturen
Global exercise session for Linear Algebra I
SS 2019:
Lecture Analysis for HRSGe
Exercises on Algebraic Topology II
WS 2018/19:
Exercises on Riemann Surfaces I
Seminar on Complex Analyis
SS 2018:
Exercises on Complex Analyis
WS 2017/18:
Proseminar on Gröbner bases
SS 2017:
Proseminar on Symmetries
Masterseminar on Complex Tori and Abelian varieties
SS 2013:
Funktionentheorie, student assistant