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Office: T03 R01 D51

Phone: +49 / (0)201 / 18-32512
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Lars Kindler

This page is old. Please visit my new website at FU Berlin.

Mathematical interests: Fundamental groups in positive characteristic, stratified bundles


  • Summer term 2012: LUDI, Wednesdays 9-10am
  • Winter term 2011: Reading Course on Algebraic Geometry, Mondays 12 - 14h c.t. in T03 R04 D10
  • Summer term 2011: (Pro)seminar on group theory

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  1. Regular singular stratified bundles and tame ramification, October 2012, arXiv:1210.5077
  2. Regular singular stratified bundles in positive characteristic, May 2012, Dissertation
  3. The Picard Group of Simply Connected Regular Varieties and Stratified Line Bundles, April 2011, arXiv:1104.2263

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