Virtual fundamental classes

One basic component of Gromov-Witten theory is the virtual fundamental class associated to a perfect obstruction theory. We will present some of the history and recent developments in this area.

The seminar will take place online via Zoom; we meet on Tuesdays, 16-18 Uhr. If you are interested in attending the seminar or giving one of the lectures, please contact me (Marc Levine) at


Lecture 1 (Nov. 3-Marc Levine). Motivation and background from Gromov-Witten theory
Lecture 1 Slides
Lecture 1 Video

Lecture 2 (Nov. 10-Fangzhou Jin). Chern-Schwartz-MacPherson classes I [M], [GS], [Gi]
Lecture 2 Slides
Lecture 2 Video

Lecture 2-1/2(Nov. 17-Fangzhou Jin). Chern-Schwartz-MacPherson classes I.5 [M], [GS], [Gi]
Lecture 2-1/2 Slides

Lecture 3. (Nov. 17-Dhyan Aranha) A very brief bit of background on stacks and derived algebraic geometry. [T] ]
Lecture 3 Notes
Lecture 3 A correction
Video for Lectures 2-1/2 and 3.

Lecture 4. (Nov. 24-Charanya Ravi) The Behrend-Fantechi virtual fundamental class [BF]
Lecture 4 Notes
Video for Lecture 4.

Lecture 5 (Dec. 1-Maria Yakerson) Localization of virtual classes [GP]
Lecture 5 Notes
Video for Lecture 5.

Lectures 6/7. (Dec. 8, 15-Ran Azouri) Behrend's work on symmetric obstruction theories [B], [BBS]
Lecture 6 Notes
Video for Lecture 6.
Lecture 7 Notes
Video for Lecture 7.

Lecture 8. (Dec. 22-Viktor Tabakov) Deglise-Jin-Khan Fundamental classes [DJK]
Lecture 8 Slides
Video for Lecture 8.

Lecture 9. (Jan. 12-Federico Binda) Virtual classes for Artin stacks [AP]
Lecture 9 Notes
Video for Lecture 9.

Lecture 10. (Jan. 19-Dhyan Aranha) Khan's virtual classes for quasi-smooth morphisms [K]
Lecture 10 Notes
Video for Lecture 10.

Lecture 11. (Jan. 26-Alessandro D'Angelo) A comparison of the virtual fundamental classes of Khan and of Behrend-Fantechi
Lecture 11 Notes
Video for Lecture 11.

Lecture 12. (Feb. 2-Sabrina Pauli) Virtual fundamental classes in motivic homotopy theory [L]
Lecture 12 Notes
Video for Lecture 12.


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