Dr. Moritz Kerz

Former member at ESAGA

Email: moritz.kerz - at - uni-due.de

News: On 1.10.11 I will move to the University of Regensburg.

New address:
Fakultät für Mathematik
Universität Regensburg
93040 Regensburg

New Homepage

Teaching Summer 2011:
Lecture: Algebraic Geometry III (with H. Esnault)
Seminar: ℓ-companions after Drinfeld and Deligne (with H. Esnault et al.)

Teaching Winter 2010/2011:
Lecture: Duality for coherent sheaves, Tu 14-16, T 03 R 04 D 10
Seminar: Faltings proof of the Mordell conjecure, We 14-16, T 03 R 04 D 10

Teaching Summer 2010:
Lecture: Abelsche Varietaeten II, Fr 12-14, T 03 R 04
Seminar: Wild ramification (with H. Esnault), Tu 14-16, T 03 R 04 D 10