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Winter term 2022/23

Linear Algebra I

Masterseminar Lehramt GyGe/BK

PhD-Seminar: Seminar on Stacks

Summer term 2022

Masterseminar Lehramt GyGe/BK

Algebraic Topology

Discrete Mathematics 2

PhD-Seminar: Seminar on Stacks

Summer term 2021

Bachelorseminar Lehramt GyGe/BK

Algebraic Topology

PhD-Seminar: Seminar on Stacks

Winter term 2020/21

Topics in Algebraic Geometry

Bachelorseminar Lehramt GyGe/BK

PhD Seminar: Seminar on Stacks

Summer term 2020

Master Seminar: Geometry of moduli stacks (Fr 14-15, online)

PhD Seminar: Seminar on stacks (Mo 16-18, online)

Winter term 2019

Master/Bachelorseminar Lehramt (GyGe/BK)

PhD-Seminar: Seminar on Stacks (Mo 14-16)

Summer term 2019

PhD-Seminar: Seminar on Stacks (Mo 14-16)

Winter term 2018

Seminar: Algebraic Geometry/Complex Geometry (Mo 16-18)

PhD-Seminar: Seminar on Stacks (Mo 14-16)

Summer term 2018

Algebraic numer theory 2 (Moodle page - use AlgebraicNumberTheory2 to register.)

Seminar: Masterseminar Lehramt (GyGe/BK)

Winter term 2017/18

Seminar on Stacks (with Timo Richarz)

Vorlesung Mathematische Miniaturen 1

Vorlesung Mathematik für Wirtschaftswissenschaftler

Summer term 2017

Complex Manifolds 2

Vorlesung Mathematische Miniaturen 2

Masterseminar Lehramt GyGe/BK

Winter term 2016/17 

Complex Manifolds

Seminar on complex functions

Mathematical miniatures

Summer term 2016

Complex functions

Vector bundles on curves (joint with G. Hein)

Summer term 2015

Algebraic Geometry II

Seminar: Quotients and Moduli

Winter term 2014/15

Algebraic Geometry I

Seminar Introduction to topology

Summer term 2014

Algebra II

Student seminar on ellpitic curves

Algebraic groups and class fields (in English)

Winter term 2013/14

Algebra I

Student seminar on Lie Algebras

Summer term 2013

Linear Algebra II

Student seminar on Groups and Symmetries

Winter term 2012/13

Linear Algebra I

Seminar on modular forms

Summer term 2012

Complex analysis

Seminar: Coxeter groups

Winter term 2011/12

Algebraic groups

Seminar: Projective geometry