Research Seminar: The Milnor conjecture (Summer 2023)

The topic of this term’s research seminar is the Milnor conjecture.

Program: pdf

Termin Vortragende*r Titel
6.4.2023 Lukas Bröring Lecture 1: Introduction and overview
13.4.2023 Pietro Gigli Lecture 2: Chow motives and Voevodsky’s triangulated category of geometric motives
20.4.2023 Giulio Marazza Lecture 3: Motivic complexes, Milnor K-theory
27.4.2023 Marc Levine Lecture 4: Lichtenbaum motivic cohomology, the Rost motive and Rost’s injectivity theorem.
Lecture Notes
4.5.2023 First Joint Symposium of GRKs 2240/2553
11.5.2023 Heer Zhao Lecture 5: The unstable motivic homotopy category and motivic Alexander-Spanier duality
25.5.2023 Riccardo Tosi Lecture 6: The cosimplicial scheme \(\check{C}(X)\) and Margolis homology
1.6.2023 Alessandro
Lectures 7: Norm quadrics and their motives
15.6.2023 Ludvig Modin Lecture 8: Milnor K-theory and étale cohomology
22.6.2023 Niklas Müller Lecture 9: Beilinson-Lichtenbaum conjectures
29.6.2023 Marc Levine Lecture 10: Main results and a proof of the Milnor conjecture by Orlov-Vishik-Voevodsky
13.7.2023 Program discussion for next term