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Participating Scientists

Massimo Bertolini Elliptic curves, Modular forms, $L$-series, Regulators, Algebraic cycles
Ulrich Görtz (Spokesperson) Langlands program, Shimura varieties, Moduli spaces of abelian varieties in positive characteristic
Daniel Greb (Deputy Spokesperson) Birational geometry, Geometric invariant theory, Kähler geometry, Moduli spaces
Georg Hein Moduli spaces of stable vector bundles on curves and surfaces
Jochen Heinloth Moduli stacks, Geometric Langlands program, Moduli spaces of bundles
Jan Kohlhaase Representation theory of $p$-adic Lie groups, Arithmetic of $p$-adic Moduli spaces
Marc Levine Algebraic cycles, Algebraic $K$-theory, Motives
Ursula Ludwig Singular spaces, Global analysis, Morse-Novikov theory
Andreas Nickel Algebraic number theory, Iwasawa theory, Noncommutative algebra
Vytautas Paškūnas Representation theory, Number theory, $p$-adic Langlands program
Johannes Sprang Algebraic and analytic number theory, special values of $L$-functions


Name Arbeitsgruppe
Lukas Bröring Levine
Alessandro D'Angelo Levine
Bence Forrás Nickel
Jonas Franzel Bertolini
Paulina Fust Paškūnas
Virginie Gaillard Kohlhaase
Guillermo Gamarra Segovia Sprang
Pietro Gigli Levine
Manuel Hoff Görtz
Marc Kohlhaw Kohlhaase
Ravjot Kohli Ludwig
Luca Marannino Bertolini
Giulio Marazza Görtz
Antonio Mejías Gil Nickel
Ludvig Modin Heinloth
Niklas Müller Greb
Aryaman Patel Greb
Federica Santi Heinloth
Enzo Serandon Levine
Riccardo Tosi Sprang
Anneloes Viergever Levine
Dario Weißmann Hein


Name Arbeitsgruppe
Sebastian Bartling Paškūnas
Chirantan Chowdhury Levine
Matteo Costantini Greb
Nicolas Dupré Kohlhaase
Jie Lin Bertolini
Lukas Pottmeyer -
Yingying Wang Heinloth
Xiaoyu Zhang Bertolini
Heer Zhao Görtz


Name Arbeitsgruppe
Ran Azouri Levine
Andreas Bode Paškūnas
Luca Dall'Ava Bertolini
Gürkan Dogan Kohlhaase
Nils Ellerbrock Nickel
Lennart Gehrmann Paškūnas
Fangzhou Jin Levine
Viktor Kleen Levine
Louis-Clément Lefèvre Heinloth
Andrea Marrama Görtz
Nils Plewe Greb
Leonid Ryvkin Greb
Martin Schwald Greb
Robin Witthaus Paškūnas
Xucheng Zhang Heinloth